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Montco Offshore, Inc., was founded by the Orgeron family in 1948. Over its 60+ years, the company has served the offshore energy industries with crew boats, ocean- going tugs, deck barges, supply boats, and liftboats.

Today, Montco specializes in liftboats ranging in size from 235 feet to 335 feet which provide the best quality and safety of service for customers requiring versatile elevated vessels/work-platforms.

Class 335
Leg Length: 335ft
Working Water Depth: 280ft
Max. Deck Ht. 302ft
Total Berths:
Max Deck Load: 1,500,000lbs
Deck Area 15,400sq ft

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  Class 245
Leg Length: 245ft
Working Water Depth: 180ft
Max. Deck Ht. 223ft
Total Berths:
Max Deck Load: 950,000lbs
Deck Area 6,500 sq ft

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  Class 235
Leg Length: 235ft
Working Water Depth: 180ft
Max. Deck Ht. 222ft
Total Berths:
Max Deck Load: 850,000lbs
Deck Area: 6,200sq ft

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