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Operated Assets

MOC, in conjunction with the 335 Class Liftboats, issues a new era of decommissioning operations. With over 15,000 sq. feet of deck space, a variable deck load of over 1.5 million pounds, and accommodations for over 130 contractors, the L/B Robert is able to accommodate simultaneous decommissioning operations which until now had to be done in a 3- step operation.

It is large enough to act as a dive-support vessel, with onboard ROV and sat-dive system, provide a stable work platform for a rig-less P & A unit. It has an on-deck skid power unit for supplying electricity, hydraulic and pneumatic power in order to maximize available deck area and lastly, its 500-Ton crane for all required heavy-lifts including jacket removal.

MOC combines all aspects of decommissioning an oil & gas platform with one vessel, L/B Robert, which reduces movement of equipment onboard and off board for each phase, reduces overall time on a given location, and ultimately makes for a much safer & more cost-effective means to perform decommissioning operations.

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